For Charif, evolution is an essential part of his artistic journey.
-The Star, April 7, 2013.-

If there is any indication that contemporary art is going through something of a renaissance, Gustavo Charif can lay claim to contributing to that notion. (...) It is artworks by the likes of Charif that speak a language that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational and economic barriers to enhance artistic appreciation and awareness. They also remind us that creativity and self-expression are essential to our humanity.
-Focus Magazine, March 23-29, 2013.-

There are few artists who can claim their work to be prestigious enough -or even surreal enough- to achieve the honor of appearing in exhibitions alongside Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. Gustavo Charif is such a man.
-Passions magazine, vol49, 2012.-

Argentina is an extraordinary contributor to the joys and pleasures of life. Sportsmen like Fangio and Messi set on fire the enthusiasm of millions. Tango and the voice of Carlos Gardel transmit passion on daily basis. Texts by Jorge Luis Borges convey deep knowledge and enjoyment. Even Petronas Twin Towers were designed by an Argentine architect: César Pelli. With his talent, we expect Gustavo Charif to reach these levels.
-H. E. María Isabel Rendón, Ambassador of Argentina in Malaysia.-

A mixing of child and millenarian being, Gustavo Charif can intimidate us by the amount of knowledge he brings. Worship as few, nothing is unknown to him.
-Florencia Canale: Noticias magazine.-

His extraordinary and creative imagination unfolds in subterranean trails, articulating mystic sages with fabulous or monstrous animals, and unprecedented geographies with architectural ruins from lost civilizations.
To the complexity of this proposal, Charif incorporates landscapes full of signs, codes and hermetic meanings, and pursuits in science, alchemy and the study of religions. Because as Einstein said, "the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious".
-Corinne Sacca Abadi (International Association of Art Critics): Visual homage to the poetic fiction.-

Delving into the world of Charif is like enter into a jungle where unexpected surprises await us. All it's there, and we are invited to participate even in what is not there, since is so dense his wealth of experiences that perception of each work seems endless.
-Guillermo Whitelow (International Association of Art Critics): Gustavo Charif: the visual spell.-

Charif is, undoubtedly, the young painter most talented and multifaceted from Argentina.
-Día 8 magazine.-

As usual, Charif is able to surprise. And this time with the double virtue of find that his painting has become more profound.
-Laura Feinsilber: Ámbito Financiero newspaper.-

If you don't know Charif, you should. His prolific career as artist led him to inquire into all disciplines.
-Sabrina Cuculiansky: La Nación newspaper.-

A specie of talented and multifaceted genius, hard to describe.
-Lorena Filomeno: La Razón newspaper.-

Gustavo Charif, the unveiling of the suns...
-Christine Castro Gache: Buenos Aires Herald.-

An unknown genius? Gustavo Charif is Argentine and he's similar to a rock star. But it is a flamboyant and talented painter admired by famous intellectuals. Elusive to traditional artistic circles, bright and promising, Gustavo Charif is among us.
-Claudio Savoia: Viva magazine, Clarín newspaper.-

His work appears as the expression of a thought which cross the interest in alchemy, mathematics, religion and biology readings. However deceives us: where we see an alleged disorder, appears "his" order, within which allows permanent search.
-María Teresa Constantín: Tres Puntos magazine.-

…Because Charif covers everything. This attempt warlike, with warring elements, is offered with an impossible: it’s very difficult to describe his paintings, trying to be honest with your proposal. So much so that it can be postulated that his style is Charifian or Charifiasque, like commonly we use Fellinian or Kafkaesque.
For all this, those who know him say he is a genius.
-Laura Isola: Página 12 newspaper.-

First Time: Meeting with no possible forgetfulness with its compass and its splendour. How to forget the instant of the first time and the prodigy with Beckett, Octavio Paz, Kundera, Topor, Charif, Houellebecq or Ionesco?”
-Fernando Arrabal, El Mundo newspaper, Madrid.-

I am very grateful for the images of your paintings that have amazed me. I greet you fraternally and with admiration.
-Milan Kundera, letter to Charif.-

Dear Gustavo: I applaud intensely your triumphs. A Buddha said, “I want nothing for me if it's not for others”; which made me realize that all good things that others have, are also good for me. A citizen reaches his peak when he learns to celebrate the values of the other person. Your joyous accomplishment, thus, makes me very glad. I consider this a gift to my soul.
-Alejandro Jodorowsky, letter to Charif.-

Excellent! I love the rays of genius that flash like lightning and exalt us. Thank you.
-Héctor Yánover.-

Gustavo Charif: you are such a darling boss!
-Leng Yein.-